Goals? We Don’t Need Stinking Goals! Do we?

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you and your family had a safe and festive holiday season. We, at Rolling Boxcars, sure did. The purpose of this post is to lay out our goals for 2015. First let’s look at the mind map I referred in our recent Banter video. So, without further ado…


This is my pipedream of ideas for 2015. Some of these things will come to fruition and others will not. I would love to be able to accomplish or implement all of these things, but let’s face it, I am just one person! That said, I still think we can nail a few these in the coming year.

Our Goals:
Publish our 300th post
Publish 25 reviews that are more robust, insightful and meaningful
Conduct & publish 10 interviews (written and/or recorded)
Record 10 live game sessions
Establish 1 regular monthly column (Topic/Content TBD)
Bring 1 new blogger onboard
Continue to develop the Banter Show (needs a proper name)
Continue to develop and promote the Defender Gaming Initiative

I admit the goals are rather modest and more than attainable by the end of the year. Now let’s see what the year has in store for all of us! As always, we are open to suggestions.

~ Modoc

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