Kickstarter Radar Engaged!

This week on Kickstarter Radar Engaged! We look at a few of the campaigns that have caught my attention and will most definitely be hurting my poor wallet!

First up is the compilation of Grimtooth’s Traps collected in one book with expanded material. Those of use that grew up with early version D&D are likely to recall these original books. I’m glad to see them being collected and reprinted in one volume. Sadly, for me, the sticker shot reared its ugly head there. $50 for the hardcover book + shipping. I’ll be honest with you, I am not sure what the MSRP will be, but this doesn’t feel like I am getting a modest savings for investing my money. Maybe I am wrong! You can’t go wrong with the quality of Goodman Games products.

Next on my radar is the Tropes, Zombie Edition game by Small Niche Games. Everybody loves a little zombie action. I am still assessing this project, but I have other products from Small Niche Games and they are all very nicely done. It will be interesting to see where this project goes before it ends.

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~ Modoc

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