Kickstarter is Changing its Payment Processing

Kickstarter has just announced that they are leaving Amazon payments and moving to Stripe for all existing and future projects. Seems the move will make it easier for both the project creators and supports to process the payments. Seems to be a good move all around, now if they would only allow the processing of PayPal payments; I would be a happy camper!

Read more about this change here.

~ Modoc

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  1. solosr says:

    Better for creators? Definitely. Better for backers? That definitely remains to be seen.

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    1. modoc31 says:

      Very good observation. Time will tell. I disliked having to log into Amazon to process a payment, but that is just. me. Even to this day I rarely use Amazon for much.



  2. STILL won’t take PayPal? Jeez…

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    1. modoc31 says:


      Not as of that most recent press release. I am hoping in time they will look at PayPal as a viable option for paying for projects.



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