Tackling My Top 3 RPG and Wargames in 2015

Despite having a lot on my plate this year with the new job, blogging and participating in the RPG Geek GMs challenge, I am bound and determined that I am going to master running three very specific games this year! What are those you games you ask? Well then, let me tell you!

I will master Torchbearer! I will conquer this kickstarter that I back and have yet to get to the table. I know, shame on me, but it is #1 on my list to run (and fumble with the rules). Next on my list, is the newest edition of King Arthur Pendragon 5.1 (KAP). I used to play and run the daylights out of 4th edition KAP so, this shouldn’t be all that challenging to remaster, but the twist is I want to include a lot of the new (ish) supplemental material that I never had access to in the past or wasn’t even published 20 years ago when I played 4th edition. Lastly, the third game is Shadows of Esteren. I bought this game on the recommendation of several gamers whose opinions I trust. Not to mention, my son liked idea of the gritty theme.

On the boardgame front, I have so many games just there on the shelf collecting dust, many of which have never been played. Therefore, I am going to also may three of them priorities to learn and master this year. These will be admittedly tough to find opponents, let alone master the mechanics.

First up is the Hoplite from GMT Games. This will likely be the easiest of them to get to the table and master. it just so happens that the game designer, Richard Berg, is also a friend of mine. He’ll be my rules encyclopedia when I have questions. I want to learn and master the Great Battles of History system so I can enjoy many of the other games in the series. Next up is the Der Weltkreig Series. I own most of the games in the series and I have been dying to get them to the table. The rules are not overly complex, but they do require actually having an opponent to play. This is not the best game for soloing. Lastly, I would love to tackle some of the La Bataille series from Clash of Arms and Marshall Games. I only one game in the series at this time, Quatre Bras II, but should I master this game, I am more likely to purchase more of the series.

I am really looking for forward to all that 2015 has in store. I am most excited about tackling these particular games or systems in addition to the all the others I will run or play this year. It is these that will get those most attention. Keep your eyes open for future VoIP RPG sessions of these game as the year progresses. For you wargamers, be on the lookout for some vassal games as well.

As always, join the Boxcar Nation on G+ for additional discussions and VoIP games!

~ Modoc

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