Lulu shipping and discount codes that you can ship

I love a sale! While not the best of discounts, the free shipping is rarity these days! Take advantage of this deal if you can!

~ Modoc


blue old and new

Lulu, who are practically printers by appointment to the OSR, have just released a discount code for free priority shipping, SHQ15.

Best of all is that going by my one checkout test, it can also stack with FWD15, for a fantastic 15% off AND free shipping combo. Codes you can really ‘ship.

Shipping costs can make the difference between a completed and an abandoned Lulu order, especially for the cheaper books where the shipping would actually cost more than the book, so this is the perfect time to pick up some of those little books, the at cost books and the books from outside of the OSR most popular trio of OSRIC, Swords & Wizardry and Labyrinth Lord which are $10 and below.

Here’s a few ideas to consider.


Delving Deeper


Full Metal Plate Mail

Ruins of the Undercity

Companion Expansion

Go on, get shopping and…

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