Buying & Selling Gaming Gear

Not all games are created equal! We all buy or trade for stuff, whether it be RPG books, boardgames, miniatures, etc, and then find we don’t like what it is we just acquired. What’s a gamer to do? Why trade or sell it off of course! There are so many different places to do just that, but which ones are good? I have compiled a short list of places I frequent when buying and selling (and trading).

Facebook Groups:
GAME TRADERS – Was created by a gamer in Georgia and the folks that frequent this group, have been great to work with.  This group is mainly U.S. based.

RPG Collectors & Trades – This group, like the above group, has done well by me. I have had several very positive transactions from users. This group is primarily an international group.

Role-Playing Games & Miniatures Trade Sell & Barter –  Another great group of folks. I have had many very successful and positive transactions.

Other Sites:
ConsimWorld Marketplace – This is the premier wargame site and their marketplace forum, while antiquated in appearance is a great place to buy, sell and trade your wargames. This is my “go to” marketplace. You do have register to be a CSW member, but it’s free.

Boardgame Geek & RPG Geek – Both of these sites, hands down, are awesome for a variety of reason, but the marketplace structure is awesome! Different than that of CSW and more user-friendly. The audience is worldwide too!

You mileage may vary, but they are all worth checking out. Please remember, caveat emptor, buyer beware!

~ Modoc

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  1. Yo my man, just did an episode about this kind of thing. Great minds and all that:

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    1. modoc31 says:

      DM Glen

      Why yes, you are correct!



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