Kickstarter Radar Engaged!

You know what time it is! It’s time to look at some of the Kickstarters that have caught my attention.

First up is a brand new campaign, launched just two days. The Lasts Days of Angelkite looks awesome! I am sucker for Dungeon World hacks and this one excites me greatly. If you interested in checking out what in the heck Dungeon World is, here’s the free SRD.

Next up is Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps. I wrote about this one in my Kickstarter Radar Engaged! post, but this campaign is knocking it out of the ball park! They have surpasses their 7th stretch goal and more to be announced soon. Better yet they added a PDF only option at the request of backers & interested backers. I am so tempted! Here’s the latest update from Goodman Games.

UPDATE JANUARY 11: We’ve just passed our SEVENTH stretch goal! A Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure module is in the bag! All hardcover backers will receive the module PDF, which will feature a trek into Grimtooth’s lair, and rules for using Grimtooth as a DCC RPG patron. This is in addition to the first six stretch goals: the printed endsheets, gatefold page with Grimtooth’s silly board game, the cover gallery printed in full color, sewn-in satin ribbon bookmarks, an art print suitable for framing, and a Kickstarter-exclusive retro-style dust jacket. In addition, a $25 PDF pledge tier level is now available,plus all print pledges will also include the PDF edition! AND we’re now cooking up even more stretch goals. More to come on that soon! Read our latest update from Grimtooth to learn about some secrets from  Grimtooth’s history, and help keep the momentum going!

Lastly, The Pyramid of the Lost King looks great! You know I love OSR products and this one seems right up my alley. An OSR sandbox adventure with lots of possibilities. Exploring uncharted areas and delving deep is what the OSR is all about!

~ Modoc

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