Kickstarter Radar Engaged! Exploding Kittens and a Pig-A-Corn

I just got done scanning the myriad of game related kickstaters and as always several jumped out at me, but this one is killing it. Exploding Kittens! Sweet mother of….. This looks awesome for such a simplistic game. The theme is what really appeals to me. As of writing this post they are just short of 1Mil. There has to be something here and for $20 it might be worth it! Not bad for the first day of their campaign.

~ Modoc


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  1. solosr says:

    Not a big surprise that its raised so much so quickly – its The Oatmeal! This is the guy who raised millions for a Tesla Museum. The Internet is strong with this one….


    1. modoc31 says:

      How am I unfamiliar with The Oatmeal? Maybe I should back this one!


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      1. solosr says:

        Back it and then spend some of the funniest hours of your life catching up on all his stuff on his website.

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      2. modoc31 says:

        I guess I should!

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