Project Updates

A little updating is in order for some of large projects I am undertaking. This is the year of projects both large and small.

I have begun the monumental task of punching and corner rounding some 1800+ counters for the The War, Europe: 1939-1945. Needless to say I think I am developing some carpel tunnel in my wrist. Now to begin reading the rules in earnest!

Next week I will begin reading and making my GM’s notes for The Temple of Elemental Evil. This is going to be one bad ass classic romp! Surprisingly, after all of these years playing D&D in one form or another, I have neither never run nor played in the Temple of Elemental Evil.

I have met the initial objective of the Play 5 New To You RPGs in 2015. Actually, I think I at 6 or 7 right now and making efforts to continue to creep upwards. Not surprising with the busy month of January and now February, I am totally behind on meeting the objective of the RPGG GM’s Challenge. I have only managed to run one new RPG this year out of the 5 I am shooting for.

I am still kicking the idea of running a Patreon campaign, but I am not convinced that people would actually want to become patrons. more pondering is in order!

I have several games, both RPGs and wargames that are on my priority list. Now to get them played so I can make fair and honest assessments.

~ Modoc

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