All Things Obscure – Tito, King Philip, Richard Berg Oh My!

In this installment of All Things Obscure, we’re going to look at three odd wargames that seem to be relegated to the world of the obscure.

pic173983_mdThe first game is both an obscure and loathed game within some wargaming circles. Tito, was the game that accompanied Strategy & Tactics magazine #81 in 1980. The game itself has its detractors, but conversely there are those that really like the game. The military situation the game focuses on is one of the more obscure periods and leader during the war. Maybe you should check it out too!

pic577048Next up is King Philip’s War by John Poniske. Published in 2010 by Multiman Publishing, the game covers the obscure topic of the Red King’s Rebellion in which the New England Indians rose up against the colonist in the 1670s. The Native Indians attempted to evict the colonists from the continent, but ultimately failed. In their attempt, both sides committed what we would call atrocities¬†in the name of some higher power. I have really enjoyed playing this game. I really think it is a great game and very approachable by new wargamers.

pic653493_mdLastly, while not a wargame, it is specifically wargame related. Game designer Richard Berg is not an obscure designer, with well over a hundred titles to his credit. He’s one of those designers that you either know his work or you have no clue who he is, but you are likely to have played at least one of his games over the years. Richard is a highly opinionated gentleman that will stand tall to defend his games (both good and bad) and his historical knowledge. He’s an interesting person to have a conversation with in person. I have had the pleasure of doing just that.

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