The War, Dungeon World and Yeti Oh My!

This week has lead to some great developments in some of my projects. Yesterday, I ordered a Blue Yeti microphone to enhance the sound quality of my online gaming. I also have some other ideas in which to employ it as well. You’ll have to wait a little longer to learn about those projects!

Additionally, I have begun devouring Dungeon World RPG. I have vowed to finally learn this damn game! If you are a veteran or not-so-veteran DW player and are interested in running a VoIP game, let me know. I would love to play it at least once before I jump behind the DM’s screen myself. Now back to reading the greatness that is DW.

Rules reading continues at a slow place for Compass Games’ The War, Europe: 1939-1945. I all into to playing the game, but the rules are putting me to sleep. I know wargame rules reading is not the most glamorous, but it must be done!

~ Modoc

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  1. Good luck with DW. I have a copy and read through it but never got the chance to use it with my group…yet. Keep us informed, I’d love to see how you make out with it.

    I felt the same way about Savage Worlds that you do about DW (this is great stuff – I WILL learn it!). Now that I have “inherited” the position behind the screen for my group (I just started s SW 50 Fathoms campaign for them), we’re all learning the system.

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    1. modoc31 says:

      DM Glen,

      I will be sure to post regular updates. I think the advantage I have is that I generally play 95% of all my gaming online these days as my local community is an RPG wasteland and virtually no one is willing to try new and different games. With online games, the world is the limit!



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