Product Review – Pirateas

Author: Frida Ullenius
Cover Design: Un-credited
Publisher: Self Published
Page Count: 4
Available Formats: PDF
Cost: Unknown (Part of the 2013 Epimas bundle)

Pirateas is an interesting game of storytelling, but with a twist. The players will be constantly interrupting  each other’s story as they are being told. So, why tell the stories? You, as the player, are detailing the how and why you have found the best tea in the world!

Mechanically speaking there are very few rules. What follows is an overview of the rules we used during play. First and foremost, players begin to tell the tale of how and where and under what circumstances they located what they believe to be the best tea in the world. The other players are allowed to interject and attempt to change the story, but there is a twist. For example, if I said I was in a jungle clearing and large pelicans were flying overhead and dropping fish on us from their pouches; another player could interject and suggest that they were not fish, but rather mermaids. Now another player will “act’ as the pirate ship captain and through the roll of a few d6’s we’ll learn who is right or neither at all! If the active player’s rendition of the story is determined to be truthful by the captain, the story continues. If it is found to be a lie, the person who interjected is now the active player. Very simple as you can see!

A very fun narrative game that has much the feel of Baron Münchhausen! The storytelling element of the game allows for easy and short stories with lots of flare.mreally lets playescapitalize on their storytelling abilities.

The little matrix chart for what the captain is doing at the time she decides who is telling the truth or lying. It’s just a small chart and really could use to be broader. It didn’t add much to the overall narrative of the game.

It’s a fun game if you like free-form storytelling. The rules are short and easy to digest in one sitting. It allows for some great storytelling and everyone should give it a try just to experience the free-form storytelling aspect. This game was a great filler game for us and I bet it would be for you to!

~ Modoc

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