Contest Time – Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places

Sitting here in Barnes and Noble, on the outskirts of the cafe area. There are tables of books all around me. Looking over at some of the titles, I see some interesting titles that have me thinking of gaming themes inspired by the titles.

I see titles like The Forever Girl, this one give me ideas such as a ghost inspired adventure. Zealot makes me think of a spiritual leader and his cult following; I wonder where I could take that line of thinking? A Visit From the Goon Squad has me thinking of either a post apocalyptic situation or even a mob inspired story line, maybe a hard boiled story.

Recently, on the Runkle Plays Games blog, there was a post about using Magic the Gathering card titles and the accompanying art as inspiration for fantasy based adventures. I would have to argue that a trip to the local bookstore or even would provide more inspiration for  roleplayers.

I know I have asked this before, but where do you find inspiration?  Could you take the inspiration to the next level by writing a story/adventure pitch based on that inspiration? Let see if we can come up with some pitches! I will pick the best pitch and develop it into a one-shot story.

Here’s a few rules:

  1. Identify the source of inspiration (ie book title, song, etc)
  2. Declare the RPG system the pitch is for
  3. Write the pitch, be thorough!
  4. Submit your pitch to
  5. Comment on this post that you have submitted a pitch
  6. Contest ends 13 March 2015

Some additional information, I own a lot of RPG rule books. So, if you want to make sure I own the rule book for a particular system, just ask. It does help if I have the rules for your pitch in the event I choose your pitch as the winner.

The winner will have the chance to play in thier story pitch. I will run the developed pitched on Google Hangouts for the winner and other Boxcar Nation fans. 

So what do you say? Let’s see some pitches!

~ Modoc



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