Modoc’s Best Of – The GMs Day Sale

I spent last evening skimming through the 7K+ sale items that DriveThruRPG has included in their annual GMs Day Sale. What follows are my overarching thoughts about the sale and about some of the products that stood out to me.

First and foremost, there is a metric crap ton of items included in this year’s sale! While it took some time to sort through most of it, there were some highlights for me; more on those in a moment. Sadly, despite the sheer volume of stuff on sale, there was lots of things that were of no interest to me. Bad products? Not necessarily, just products for game that I have no interest in. With that said there a number of things that stood out for me.

pic766876_mdThe game King Arthur’s Pendragon (KAP) is a perennial favorite of mine and Nocturnal had a good many KAP books included in the sale. Of all of these books on sale this year, I am going to buy The Great Pendragon Campaign. It’s something i have always wanted! Regarding KAP, there were some honorable mentions: King Arthur Pendragon: Edition 5.1, Book of Records Vol I: Knights and lastly Book of Battle 2nd Edition.

Last year I had the change to play Sci-fi Beta Kappa and now it is included in the sale. This the only published game from publisher Indyhippo. I had a blast playing in this game last year so, this one was a no brainer for me! Think alien inspired version of the movie class Animal House. That’s how our game turned out!

download (1)In some of my G+ circles of friends there is much buzz about The World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game as of late. Built on the Apoclypse World game engine this game is something that seems to provide lots of crazy antics befitting its theme. The designer, Nathan D. Paoletta, did a short series of “on Air” games and they are available by visiting his website, ndp design.  I think based solely on the buzz I have been hearing I will have to pick this one up. Honorable mention is Annalise Final Edition. I have heard some great things about this game.

I have to mention, despite a new edition of the rules due out this year, Mouse Guard. Sadly, I own everything for this game and most if not all the comics in the series, but I have only every played the game a handful of time; every time has been amazing! If nothing else, I encourage everyone to read the comics. They are awesome and included in the sale! Here’s the link to the publisher’s sale page.

Book 0Shadows of Esteren is a game on my hot list! I have finally joined an on-going game and I am having a great time thus far. During this sale you can score yourself Book1: Universe, Book 2: Travels and a source book for little money. Book 1 is all that is needed to play!

pic1901354_mdModiphius has us covered with this Achtung! Cthulhu series! Anyone interested in checking out this game line should jump on these deals. Included are all the core books like:  Keeper’s Guide and the Investigator’s Guide. These rules are for CoC and Savage Worlds, but don’t worry, there are FATE versions of these books for you FATE Core fanatics! Keeper’s Guide (FATE) and Investigators Guide (FATE). Honorable mentions include several source books for this series and Cogs, Cakes and Sword Sticks Collected Edition.

This year, Pelgrane Press has a number of exciting titles included in the sale. First up is Trail of Cthulhu. Followed closely by Night’s Black Agents and Fear Itself.

To be sure, there are many more great books and supplements available and a blog post can’t capture them all. None-the-less, I hope the ones I have mentioned and linked above are games you  might have been considering, because now is the time to take advantage of the discounts. Buy yourself a book or three, better yet, hook your GM up with a book!

~ Modoc

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