Tech Review & Copy Edit Services Available

Are you a game designer or developer that needs an up and coming project reviewed from a technical perspective (rules compliance, continuity, sound concepts, etc) or are you in need of a copy editor? I am available for hire. My rates and/or product compensation is fair, I’m speedy and my work is high quality! Please email me at if you would like to discuss a project.

Previous projects include:

  • A soon to be released Labyrinth Lord module by Joe Johnston of Task Boy Games
  • Early rules continuity editor and playtester for Fields of Despair by Kurt Keckley and being published by GMT Games
  • Rule continuity editor for Operation Dauntless by Mark Mokszycki and being published by GMT Games
  • Lead playtester for Red Winter by Mark Mokszycki and published by GMT Games
  • Playtester for The Last King of Scotland by Dennis Bishop and published by Victory Point Games.

~ Modoc

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