Flash Sale – Black Powder, Black Magic Vol. 1


Today, the fine folks over at Stormlord Publishing released their new ‘zine’, Black Powder, Black Magic Vol. 1. This new DCC RPG-centric zine takes DCC in a completely new direction, Westward to be exact! Welcome to Stromlord Publishing DCC infused weird west. Jump on their one day only flash sale for the PRINT/PDF combo for only $5! Today is the street date for this new zine so, hurry this sale is only good for today!

This 44 page zine contains:
–  The Devil’s Cauldron: A complete level-0 funnel.
–  100 occupations, complete with weapon and trade good.
–  Timeline of major events.
–  Map of the Dark Territories.
–  Tokens of the past: Items of portent
–  Motivations for heading into the Dark Territories.
–  100 names commonly found in Brimstone.
–  Rules for firearms
–  Demon Ore and Hellstones: More valuable and more dangerous than gold.
–  A Little Black Book: Short fiction.
–  Interior and cover artwork by Todd McGowan
–  Premium paper for the cover and interior pages

~ Modoc

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