Bundle of Holding: Bringing Awesomeness One Bundle at a Time

Are you familiar with Bundle of Holding? Bundle of Holding is a company that sells groups of similarly-themed RPGs (Indie, OSR, Cyber Punk, etc) in PDF through their website. At its core, they are selling RPGs to make a profit, but secondary to that and in my humble opinion, more importantly, they are contributing a portion of all proceeds to a variety of charities. I occasionally buy bundles to get awesome new books and to support specifically listed charities.

Bundles are offered in two packages. The first is the basic package (specific to an RPG or theme). Basic packages usually offer buyers either a core set of books (specific RPG) or sampling of books (theme). This package can be purchased at a very reasonable and highly discounted price; typically with a price point between $5 to $9. The second is a bonus collection of additional RPGs or books for all purchasers that donate above the threshold amount. For example, if the threshold is $15.25 and you donate $16.00 you will get both the basic and bonus packages. You should know that the price of the threshold is constantly changing, albeit slowly. For every purchase, it is recalculated and will increase slightly.

Screen grab of website
Screen grab of website

So why buy your digital game books this way? First let me say that my experiences with Bundle of Holding have all been very positive! So why buy? The groupings they assemble for both the basic and bonus tiers are all complementary to one another. Their selection is very diverse and they usually run two different bundles at a time. The PDFs are all DRM-free, meaning you own them outright and can use them on any machine or device you own. Periodically they add books to the bonus collection during the purchase period. Not only do new buyers get the additional PDF(s), but previous buyers do as well. That is just awesome! From time to time, they will “resurrect” a previous collection of books and reoffer them to the public. Therefore, if you missed out on a particular bundle there is a chance you’ll be able to purchase it at some future date. They also have an option to buy a bundle as a gift for someone else, talk about a great gift!

Screen grab of threshold & collection summary
Screen grab of threshold & collection summary

For those that remember Tanga, the discount “deal of the day” retailer, Bundle of Holding is much like Tanga. They offer great deals on great books for short periods of time. You have to get while the getting is good! So, why not take a look at what they have to offer and while you’re at it, bookmark their page!

~ Modoc

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