New Mouse Guard Boxset Spotted at BWHQ

Copyright: Luke Crane
Copyright: Luke Crane

Yesterday, Luke Crane of Burning Wheel HQ provided the general public with the first real glimpse of the new Mouse guard boxset. The newest edition [boxset version] looks amazing and includes revised art throughout the entire set. The box is not as deep as the previous edition which should being the price point down slightly. This newest edition include more dice, deck boxes for the card decks and an functional plastic insert that is designed to hold all four decks and the dice. This new set also includes the previous supplement, New Rules, New Missions.

Copyright: Luke Crane
Copyright: Luke Crane

To date, there has not been a firm street date announced, but I can only imagine it will be very soon. For which I hope so! I own the 1st edition of the boxset set, and the 1st edition hardcover rulebook. I think I now own all the comics too. Can you tell I am a fan boy? I’ll make another announcement once more information becomes available.

~ Modoc

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