Contessa – Promoting Visibility of Women in Tabletop Gaming

I’m excited to be playing two demo games this weekend during the Contessa Spring Break event! I am finally going to get to try Night’s Black Agents and Trail of Cthulhu; two games that have been on my “to try” list for a very long time. I was looking over their schedule and while there are some great games schedule and everyone should jump on them if you have the time, I noticed a rather small number of GMs and huge windows of time where there were no games scheduled. This got me thinking about women gamers.

Is there really a shortage of women gamers, more specifically GMs? I know males, by sheer volume, make up the lion’s share of gamers and/or GMs, but are women that underrepresented in our hobby (RPGs)? Normally, many of the games I play have a number of women that sit at the virtual tables, so I guess I don’t see it on any regular basis. I hope over time that Contessa’s mission: ” We are passionately dedicated to increasing the visibility of women in tabletop gaming through leadership opportunities, community outreach, education, and woman-led gaming events.” continues to grow this segment of our hobby and move it in positive directions.

Want to get involved with Contessa to help support their mission? Visit their website and also, check out their G+ community and follow them on G+.

Here’s the link to the Spring Break Events (already filtered for you).  Sign up and come play!

~ Modoc

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