Are You Up For The Challenge?


Fellow blogger and game designer, Thomas Novosel has challenged himself to read one or two of his RPG books each week and then run a session of each. That’s one hell of a challenge! So, to help him out, I have volunteered to be one of his subjects players. If you’re interested in checking out his challenge or being part of the game play read his blog article here.

This is a great opportunity for anyone partaking in the RPG Geek 2015 RPGG Challenge: Play Five RPGs You Have Never Played Before (Each At Least Once). maybe I’ll get to try a game or three that I have never played. It’s also a great opportunity to Thomas to join in on RPG Geek’s 2015 RPGG GM Challenge that I started in January.

On a side note, if anyone ever has any questions about these two RPG Geek challenges, please ask. I am very familiar with the contests, the website and the ins and outs of RPG Geek.

~ Modoc

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