Plugging Away at the “To Do” List


It’s convention season and I am slammed with all kinds of things going on! Here’s where I stand with my current projects and what’s on the horizon.

1. Mutant Epoch – Still trying to read this for the review. I am having a very hard time with this one.
2. RapierCon – 12-14 June in Jacksonville, FL. Prepping to run No Country for Kobolds and Fiasco.
3. Storm-Con – 26-28 June in Charleston, SC. Prepping to run Gumshoe System Demos and The Quiet Year.
4. Still reading CoC: Horror on the Orient Express (this is awesome!).
5. Still waiting on the new Coc 7e printed rulebook to be released
6. Working on a VirtuaCon Tech Manual for our GMs

On the horizon
1. More interviews (We’re always taking suggestions)
2. Bringing on more guest bloggers
3. We’re going to start recording some games over Google Hangouts

Do you want to be part of the Rolling Boxcars team of bloggers or maybe just a periodic guest blogger? If you have a passion for writing about gaming related topics, please contact us at

~ Modoc

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