What Draws You To A Convention?

Conventions are an important component of our hobby. What draws you to a convention? What considerations factor into your decision to attend or not attend a particular convention?

I really want to hear your opinions!

~ Modoc


12 thoughts on “What Draws You To A Convention?

    • Fieldmechanik

      Thanks for the comment. Location in regards to where you live? If so, what distance are you willing to travel to attend a convention? What would the convention have to offer for your travel there?

      ~ Modoc


  1. I’ve never been able to attend an rpg/games convention (Only computer ones back before I got married). Primarily because of family commitments. If I went it would be for just the day so that one day needs to have everything in it (so not “A will be there Saturday but not Sunday while B will be there Sunday but not Saturday” (unless A or B is someone I don’t really care about!)

    Being able to get there by car is a must, as is being able to park for free or really cheaply. Tickets can’t be stupidly expensive though obviously you need to cover costs and a bit more so a reasonable price is fine.

    Clearly laid out floor plans, with like for like items grouped but everything still reasonably close together.

    I’ve no idea of the best way to do RPG game sign ups as I’ve never been to try. Pre-registration seems good but with “on the day” bookings too I guess.

    So I’d have to say that boils down to “Location and Parking”; “Price & Value for money”; “Well laid out venue”; and “Well thought out game registration”.

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  2. No specific order…

    1) New Stuff that intrigues me. Product launches, games I wouldn’t normally play with my home group.
    2) Interesting People. Guests or Attendees. Meeting online friends in physical form.
    3) Interesting Locations. So far I’ve gamed in three continents and aim to add more.
    4) Favorite Stuff I want to play. I play it at home all the time, it’s a lower priority.

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    • PeyeRepeat

      Thank you for your comments they are very helpful. What kind of guests interest you? What type of games appeal more, RPGs, Boardgames, miniatures, etc?



  3. I’ve only been to a handful of conventions.. there are a couple that I would really LOVE to go to but the thing that stops me is cost. Some can be super expensive!
    I guess the overall theme to the convention is what draws me to it. I went to a craft convention because I love craft. I went to a gaming convention because I love gaming. The same goes for others I’ve attended. That’s probably the biggest reason 🙂

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    • Sami C

      Thank you for the feedback. Since you raise the issue of costs, putting aside travel expenses, what do you think is a fair admission price for a 3-day gaming convention?



  4. Keith,

    First and foremost for me is the game list. I like a good mixture of miniature, board and RPGs both old and new. I really like to check the game list frequently to see what updated games have been added. The second reason would be if I know friends will be attending as well nothing like playing a great con game with your friends and “teaming” up on the other guys. A third would be a close proximity to restaurants. The distance and price for the con are not really and issue. I mean really have you played a game of golf or been to the movie theater lately, the cost in comparison is relatively low.


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    • Mitch

      Thanks for your insight. I know you travel in some of the same circles as I do and your insight is invaluable to me.

      All three of your points are some of the very reasons I attend conventions. To me, the return on my investment, as a con-goer, is much greater than round of golf or taking the family to the movies.



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