RPG Geek – 2015 RPG Challenge (Update)


Early this year I mentioned that I was once again going to participate in the RPG Geek 2015 RPG Challenge. The challenge centers around playing five (new to you) RPGs before the end of the calendar year. Here’s a little update on where I stand. It’s not too late to take up the challenge and get it completed by the end of the year. Chances are you may have already completed the challenge and not even known it. The details of this simple challenge can be found HERE.

Here’s where I stand so far:
d10-1 Adventures in the East Mark – Run on 1 January 2015 – VOIP
d10-2 The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men – 1 January 2015 – VOIP
d10-3 Don’t Rest Your Head – 3 January 2015 – VOIP
d10-4 Scarlet Heroes – 18 January 2015 – VOIP
d10-5 Les Ombres d’Esteren – 31 January 2015 – VOIP
d10-6 Viking Hack (Playtest of a Labyrinth Lord variant – 31 January 2015 – VOIP
d10-7 Pirateas – 22 Febraury 2015 – VOIP
d10-8 Lexicon – 30 March 2015 – PbF [Game completed Mid May]
d10-9 The One Ring – 3 April 2015 – VOIP
d10-1d10-0 No Country For Old Kobolds – 12 April 2015 – VOIP
d10-1d10-1 Og World (DW Hack, playtest) – 19 April 2015 – VOIP
d10-1d10-2 Night’s Black Agents – 16 May 2015 – Contessa Spring Break (VOIP)
d10-1d10-3 Trail of Cthulhu – 16 May 2015 – Contessa Spring Break (VOIP)
d10-1d10-4 Call of Cthulhu (7th Edition) – 17 May 2015 – Against the Flames Solo Adventure

~ Modoc

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