Let’s Discuss – Living for the Next Game


For many, gaming is a vital component of their existence, an addiction really. I see this  all around me on a regular basis. For example, locally, there are several small to moderately sized gaming groups that meet on weekends and week nights to play a wide variety of games. Some of these groups have considerable chatter online about what to play or even more so about the play experience itself. This is really prevalent when one of the groups is planning for their monthly Pathfinder Society session. The discussions can get very impassioned.

Many of the gamers within these groups are so die hard that they make every effort to not miss a gathering. I am unsure if they are die hard because of the game play experience itself or if there is a social component to thier gaming addiction as it were. For me, I enjoy gaming, but it is not an all-consuming addiction. I play what I can, when I can. Though I do try to forecast my gaming time to ensure I am available on a particular day and time. I will also admit that there is social component that I find important. I like interacting with others. Hence, this is why I do not play video games.

  • Do you live for the next game? If so, why?
  • What are you motivations to play?
  • Is there a social component that drives you?
  • What, if any, factors keep you away from a particular game or the gaming  scene itself(locally or online)?

~ Modoc

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