Coming Soon From Rolling Boxcars


Well, now that the con-high is starting to subside and reality is kicking back in. There is much to do around here at Rolling Boxcars. So, let me see here, I have the following planned for the months of July and August.

At Storm-Con I had the pleasure of chatting with several new game designers and I was given copies of several prototypes to review. So, you can expect some of these to be reviewed here on the blog. My initial look a them is a mixed bag of thoughts, but you’ll have to wait to read the read the reviews.

  • Comrades – Card game
  • 9RedChan – Card game themed on memes and set collecting mechanics
  • Blackout – Drinking game themed on bingo

I have several games still on my radar to read, play if possible and write reviews about. I hope to complete these in July or August as well.

  • Mutant Epoch RPG
  • Of Dreams and Magic RPG (now that the PDF has published)
  • By Fire and Sword (miniatures game)

I have several interviews that I am working on for the months of July and August. First and foremost, I am working out the details to conduct the following interviews. These will all be recorded via Google Hangouts or Face-to-face is possible. Do you have a suggestion as to who I should try to interview? Please email me at

Further into the future, I will be assisting two other conventions with their gaming programs. The first is my perennial favorite,  VirtuaCon. I am once again the sponsorship coordinator for this free online virtual RPG convention. Please check out our wiki page and get involved as we get closer to October.  The second, is AtomaCon in N. Charleston, SC. Storm-Con has partnered with AtomaCon to organize and execute their gaming track. We’ll be offering a mix of organized boardgames and RPGs and boat load of pick up gaming and demo opportunities. This will be a fun event, it’s a fandom convention with gaming as an added attraction.

~ Modoc

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