Product Review – Most Glorious Comrade

Most Glorious Comrade
Author: Eugene Shenderov
Cover Design: Charlie Wilcher
Publisher: This and That Games
Available Formats: Physical Deck of Cards
Cost: $15.00 <– Click here to buy at DriveThruCards

Please take a minute to watch the designers tell you about their game and I will fill in what is missing.

Okay, so let me fill in what’s missing from the video. During your turn, when you draw a card from the deck and add it to your hand, you then have to play card just like the video said,  but the video fails to tell you that the cards are very cut throat in nature. If you do not play a proletariat card in front of you, you then must play some other card from your hand. Non-proletariat cards are used to devalue the cards of the other comrades, enhance the value of your proletariat cards or even better yet, take or switch cards with another comrade.

The quality of the cards is very good. They are holding up well to repeated plays. They are not casino quality cards, but they will stand the test of time!The color scheme and art on the cards is bright and vibrant and convey the theme nicely as you can see below.

Credit: This and That Games
Credit: This and That Games

It plays fast and works well as a filler game while you wait or between games. It is also well suited for play at conventions (where I got my copy), especially while you wait for the next session to start. The rules are easy to learn and after one play the average gamer will have the rules down sufficiently.

The game could use a little more meat to the “screw your neighbor” mechanic. There is at least one card I came across in which the text on the card could have been written better.  I would like to see an outside person review the cards for technical issues.

Despite the relatively short playing time of the game, it works and works well! Over the course of several plays, all of which I truly enjoyed, the game grew on me more and more. the others at the table enjoyed it as well. There were only positive comments from everyone at the table. It will surely be a game that goes in my “gaming bag”!

~ Modoc


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