#GENCANT Comes to Charleston, SC

Have you ever dreamed of going to GenCon? Found out you just can’t afford the exorbitant cost inherent with attending GenCon or that you don’t have enough vacation time to make trek? If you’re like the vast majority of folks out there you fall into both of these categories–the dreamer and realist. A good friend turned me onto the idea of hosting a local game gathering during the days that GenCon is running. She called it GENCAN’T and I thought what a novel idea! She then clued me into that GENCAN’T really is a world-wide, local community, gathering of friends.

GENCAN’T got its start in 2014 as a spinoff from an inside joke and it took the blogosphere and podcasting circles by storm. There were organized events both in local communities and online to gather and play games and foster a sense of community while 50K+ gamers were focused on the big industry players. Having just learned of this amazing idea, we (Storm-Con) collected our wits, partnered with our FLGS and are putting together an afternoon gathering on the 1st of August. The Facebook created event that I started last night is starting to gain some traction and we’re really excited to see how many people come to play and foster the sense of community. So, why not start something in your local area? It doesn’t need to be extravagant, just loosely organized should do the trick.

If you’re in the Charrleston, SC area and want to participate and game with us, here’s the details of our little gathering.

GENCANT – Storm-Con Style
Date: 1 August
Time: 1p-7p (or later)
Location: The Green Dragon (7671 Northwoods Blvd Unit 5T, N. Charleston, SC)
Event on Facebook is here

What’s on tap?
– Boardgames (some organized, but mostly pick up games)
– RPGs
– Who knows what else!

Whatever you do, you’ll want to use hashtag #GENCANT

~ Modoc

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