Vacation Over, Batteries Recharged!

It was so nice to take a well-deserved and much needed vacation! I had some time to reflect on my hobbies and my all of my varied interests. I have come away from my vacation with the mindset that I going to further narrow my gaming interests once again so that I have time for my other hobbies as well. To this end, I will keep my boardgame playing to a minimum with the exception of By Fire and Sword (minis) and a few historical boardgames that are of particular interest to me. Fear not! I still have my passion for roleplaying games, but I might tighten my focus a little more or I may not. The jury is still out on this.

Aside from that revelation, my vacation to Washington, DC allowed me to compare and contrast some of my gaming thoughts and interests to some of the museums and experiences I had at these museums. More to come in a future post about this.

~ Modoc

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