The Challenge With Challenges!

This past summer has been a wild and crazy ride for me; for which I have not made much in the way of progress on some of the challenges I am taking part in. Here’s a brief summary of where I stand with two challenges. It’s not too late to get involved in them if you are so inclined. Click the title of each challenge to see the details at RPG Geek.

2015 RPGG GM Challenge – Run 5 Games You Have Never Run!
d10-1 Adventures in the East Mark: Basic Rule Set – 1 January 2015 – VOIP
d10-2 FiascoThe Bookhounds of London – 5 April 2015 – VOIP
d10-3 Trail of Cthulhu – 26 June 2015 – Storm-Con
d10-4 Night’s Black Agents – 26 June 2015 – Storm-Con

2015 RPGG Challenge: Play Five RPGs You Have Never Played Before (Each At Least Once)
Adventures in the East Mark – Run on 1 January 2015 – VOIP
The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men – 1 January 2015 – VOIP
Don’t Rest Your Head – 3 January 2015 – VOIP
Scarlet Heroes – 18 January 2015 – VOIP
Les Ombres d’Esteren – 31 January 2015 – VOIP
Viking Hack (Playtest of a Labyrinth Lord variant – 31 January 2015 – VOIP
Pirateas – 22 Febraury 2015 – VOIP
Lexicon – 30 March 2015 – PbF [Game completed Mid May]
The One Ring – 3 April 2015 – VOIP
No Country For Old Kobolds – 12 April 2015 – VOIP
Og World (DW Hack, playtest) – 19 April 2015 – VOIP
Night’s Black Agents – 16 May 2015 – Contessa Spring Break (VOIP)
Trail of Cthulhu – 16 May 2015 – Contessa Spring Break (VOIP)
Call of Cthulhu (7th Edition) – 17 May 2015 – Against the Flames Solo
Castles & Crusades – 26 June 2015 – Storm-Con
Swords Without Master – 12 July 2015 – VOIP
Night Witches – 5 September 2015 – VOIP

For those interested in participating in these challenges, VirtuaCon is right around the corner. What’s VirtuaCon? Only the best three days in virtual gaming! Enjoy gaming from the comfort of your own home with gamers from all over the world. This year we have over 60 games schedules covering 50+ RPG rule systems. What better way to get immersed into these challenges with a great opportunity like VirtuaCon. You can learn more about VirtaCon here.

~ Modoc

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