Streaming In A New Direction: I Want Your Feedback!

Chateau Modoc has survived the great torrential rain in South Carolina. Well, mostly! We did end up with a few obscure water leaks and now we have to wait for an insurance mitigation company to be able to come out and assess the damage and determine repairs. I am happy to report the games are all safe and sound! That’s what’s in important right?

Sitting around the house for two days has led me to do lots of thinking, about games! What else? I am thinking that over the next few months I would like to start recording/broadcasting most if not all of my games. First, I think it’s a good way for you, the boxcar nation, to see what we’re up to and home we play games. Second, I think it will be a good tool for me to go back and analyze where I might have made a mistake in the rules, etc.

This can easily be accomplished through Google Hangouts (On-Air), but what about Twitch? Twitch is not something I know much about. I would like to hear your comments for or against twitch. Does twitch allow recording or only live broadcasting? If only live broadcasting would there be a demand for that?

If I stay with Google Hangouts, I would like to find some type of add-on that will allow me to make the presentation a little more professional looking. I have seen other recorded games with the video feeds in the main window area and background graphics. Keep in mind I am assuming this was done with Google Hangouts, but maybe not. Anyone in the know?

Would Skype be a better platform with different add-ons to get the professional look?

Lastly, I am looking to beginning a series or recorded interviews, demo games and other such events that would be of interest to followers. I have quite a few ideas in my head, I am open to your suggestions. Do you want to see demo/exhibition games? Would you prefer interviews? Tell me what you think would be cool!

I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

~ Modoc

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