What’s On Your Reading List?

Now that the summer convention season is over (we are past Labor Day after all) it’s time to decompress and unwind. I am sure many of you employed your little gray cells for the enjoyment of others and for yourself at all the local and not-so-local conventions this past summer. One of the great things about conventions is that you get to peruse all the vendors and find great little treasures and new nuggets of RPG goodness. Some of you might have scoped out some of your favorite online vendors and that’s cool too!

This past summer two products really caught my attention and I was compelled to purchase them. The first was Cthulhu Britannica: London (Cubicle 7) and the other was Prime Time Adventures (Dog-eared Designs).

So, what did you buy this summer that has your little gray cells all fired up? In other words, what’s on your “hot’ reading list for the fall and winter months ahead? Spread the word here and maybe find other kindred souls that like what you like.

~ Modoc

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