Product Review: Rogues in Remballo

Rogues in Remballo
Author: Matt Finch
Cover Art: Andrew DeFelice
Interior Art: Peter Bergting
Cartography: Robert Altbauer
Publisher: Frog God Games
Page Count: 26
Available Formats: PDF
Cost: PDF – FREE

Rogues in Remballo is a city adventure for 4-6 first level Swords & Wizardry characters. They will also be releasing this module for D&D Fifth Edition and Pathfinder. This module will embroil the characters in the local affairs of competing guilds with a splash of political intrigue that could turn deadly if the characters make poor decisions.

The adventure only comes packaged as a PDF at the present time, but don’t let that stop you! Matt Finch has written a tightly constructed module for seasoned Game Masters and players alike. Every bit of the interior art and cartography is top-notch as one might expect in Frog God Games’ products. The layout and overall presentation of this module is excellent and in keeping with the other modules they have published. So, if you are happy with the presentation of their other modules, Rogues in Remballo will please you.

Remballo is an old city that was built upon the older Hyperborean ruins. This seems to be much in keeping with many of the cities in the Borderland Provinces. Remballo is situated on a main thoroughfare known as Remballo Road which provides access from this region into the Kingdom’s interior. Remballo is no stranger to myriads of visitors, but travel to and from the city can be problematic and difficult at different points throughout the year.

Upon arrival in the city the characters could be asked by several organizations in Remballo to investigate the Four Corners area of Dead Fiddler Square. I would recommend that game masters use in media res to place the characters in the city and in a situation that will place them in direct contact with one or more of the organizations that might want their assistance.

It is the Four Corners area that seems to pique everyone’s interest, but why? That is for the players to find out. There is much happening in the square and maybe more happening in the Four Corners! Characters will need to determine what it is they are looking for and this will come by way of who they are working for. Next, they will need to determine how they will proceed with their investigation and ultimately what will they do with the information afterwards. At the conclusion of the adventure, if they are still alive and played their cards well, the characters will have the means to get considerable treasure from several sources and the potentially the gratitude of the City Watch. If they played their cards wrong, that could earn the ire of wealthy houses and thieves guilds a like. That alone can provide creative game masters with endless plot hooks to continue their campaign.

As with other works by Matt Finch, this is another great one! The Dead Fiddler Square is richly detailed, but not overly so. Just enough information for a seasoned game master to easily navigate its streets and bring the people and places alive. For those that enjoy more investigative adventures over classic hack-and-slash adventures, Rogues in Remballo should be on your radar. It’s well written and provides a compelling narrative that your players will enjoy.

The city of Remballo is perfect for serving as a springboard location; Rogues in Remballo will serve you well as the starting point for longer regional campaigns.

Let me be clear, this module, while designed for first level characters is not for new game masters. This is clearly stated at the beginning of the adventure itself. The reason for this is that there are many things happening behind the scenes and it will take an experienced game master to ensure these things play out accordingly.

To get this free PDF you’ll need to visit the just launched kickstarter for Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces. As of today, 16 Oct 2015, the module will release in a day or two and be made available to backers first. The day after backers are given access to the module, it will be available to everyone via the Kickstarter page.

~ Modoc

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