Malandros RPG Launches on Kickstarter – Featured at VirtuaCon

Malandros: Tales From the Streets of Old Rio just launched on Kickstarter. While it has a very lofty funding goal of $77 USD to cover editing costs, it is built on a solid game engine, the DramaSystem. If you want to learn more about the game before backing it on Kickstarter, the designer, Tom McGrenery, will be running a session of Malandros: Tales From the Streets of Old Rio at VirtuaCon this coming weekend.

The designer will running a session of Malandros this weekend. The game will be an on-air hangout; meaning people can tune in and watch the game being played or watch the recorded game later at a more convenient time.

Watch the game live here on Saturday (24 Oct) at 0800 EST (1200 UTC). Better yet, want to play the game? There are still seats available in Tom’s game. Follow the link above and post a comment if you want to play.

~ Modoc

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