The Warren – Releases To Backers & Featured At VirtuaCon

Doing my happy dance! Yesterday, The Warren released to Kickstarter backers. This excites me, can’t you tell? The publisher, Bully Pulpit Games, has apologized for being a little late on delivering. The PDF was delivered yesterday (print copies will be next month) in its near final form. The following is from Bully Pulpit Games.

Bad news first! It’s mid-October and we’re still not quite done with the book, so we’re going to have to postpone our October ship date. I hate to have to say that, but we’d rather ship the game late than send it to you before it’s ready. We’ll be sending the files to the printer in the next week, so at this point we’re expecting to ship books and cards out later in November.

Bad news aside, the book layout is complete and we’re excited to share it with you! We still have a handful of small adjustments to make, but the book is done and we welcome your feedback on the PDF. No matter how finished we think we are, experience shows that your keen eyes will find things that we missed, so please give it a look before we send it to the printer!

I love the company’s honesty and candor about delays and where they are in the production process with the game. They have been this open with previous projects I have backed as well. Now I just need to find the time to read the PDF and get myself hyped up about it even more! What’s just as awesome?

I am playing in a game of The Warren at VirtuaCon this coming weekend. Lowell Francis (the GM) was able to get an advance copy for purposes of running it at VirtuaCon for which Bully Pulpit Games is a sponsor of. The game will be an on-air hangout; meaning people can tune in and watch us play or watch the recorded game later at a more convenient time.

Watch the game live here on Friday (23 Oct) at 1200 EST (1600 UTC). Better yet, want to play the game? There are still seats available in Lowell’s game. Follow the link above and post a comment if you want to play.

~ Modoc

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