VirtuaCon Is A Wrap!

What an amazing weekend! For the last three days I have gamed and had the most amazing conversations with some of the best gamers I could ask to be associated with. What did I do? Well, VirtuaCon (organized by RPG Geek) was this past weekend and I was fully engaged in all the activities. My plate looked like this:

d10-1  Played A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Edition
d10-2  Played Danger Patrol (Pocket Edition)
d10-3  Played Mythic Mortals (Currently on Kickstarter here)
d10-4  Played Mutant Future (Thundarr the Barbarian themed)
d10-5  GM’ed The Quiet Year (4 player game)
d10-6  GM’ed Trail of Cthulhu: Ritual Pursuit Demo Scenario (4 player game)
d10-7  Panel Moderator: Fostering A Local RPG Community
d10-8  Panel Moderator: Self Publishing

The games that I got to play were awesome. Great creative stories and the best part was that I had not previously played any of them. I have now found some new games to acquired and get to the table. I think the game I liked best of the four I played was the A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Edition followed closely by Mutant Future. The mechanics were rather easy to internalize and the GMs story was compelling. The Mutant Future game was Thundarr themed, that’s just awesome!

Moderating discussion panels was a new experience for me this year and it was an amazing experience at that! My panelists were amazing and the suggestions and strategies that we discussed are equally as amazing. I will be spending some time in future blog posts discussing each of these panels and what I learned from them.

After a wild weekend of gaming and festivities I find myself not fighting the con-crude (thank you computer), but rather fighting to find more gaming opportunities. Leading up to a convention is always nerve-wracking, but the post-con desire to keep the gaming going always leads to post-con blues. I guess that’s my signal to get my butt in gear and play more games year round!

Next up for me is a real-space convention ( here is South Carolina in three weeks. Beyond that, I am hoping that Reluctant PandaCon, another RPG Geek initiative, will be taking shape in the coming days as well. It was amazing last year!

~ Modoc

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