Kickstarter – Braille RPG Dice

I have seen it all now! While I am not visually impaired, this is amazing to see coming to the market. The only issue I have with the project as a whole is the price point seems fairly high at $10 per dice or $50 for a set of 7. Let me be clear, I think products that make games and the hobby more accessible to more people is awesome and I support any and all efforts that work towards this end. I hope this company’s modest goal is reached and they are able to get these items to the market. More so, I hope they are able to achieve some economy of scale and bring the retail price point down to a more appealing level. If they can achieve that, I would be happy to buy a full set of the dice so that any visually impaired gamers might find my game table more open and inviting them. Check out their Kickstarter campaign and let me know what you think of these dice and what they offer the community.

~ Modoc

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