Kickstarter Dud – The Dragon’s Hoard – 3d printed RPG Dice, Campaigns & More!

Holy mother of horrible Kickstarter campaigns! I love dice like the next gamer, but these look horrible. We all know 3D printing is not a new technology, but rather it is still emerging and finding its place in our community. These look so unrefined and I can’t imagine how bad they are unevenly weighted or even roll. The numbers and dragon images are very hard to make out. It could be purely a camera thing, but I doubt it. You be the judge if these dice are something you’d want at your game table.


I feel it at least worth noting that this fledgling company is using crowd funding for it’s intended purpose, getting a company off the ground. Just wish they hadn’t chosen dice as one of their delves into crowd funding or at least invested in a higher end printer.

~ Modoc

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  1. ThomasN says:

    Ouch. Those are hard to look at. If they were all a similar color and came with a crayon It would make more sense as an addon.

    Not a full product though.

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    1. modoc31 says:


      You’re right, they’re hideous to look at. For me, I think the inferior 3D printing technology is the root of the problem. There is another company doing Braille dice with a 3D printer and their prototypes look so much more refined and useable.

      ~ Modoc


      1. ThomasN says:

        I think its a mix of that and color choice as well. In that the colors chosen look similar to kindergarten jumbo dice. Scary stuff…

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      2. modoc31 says:

        Great comparison. I couldn’t quite identify where I had seen the look and colors before.

        ~ Modoc


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