Product Review: Modern Floorplans: An Average Wild West Town

An Average Wild West Town
Author: Charles & Krista White
Cover Design: Preston Dubose
Publisher: Fabled Environment
Page Count: 18
Available Formats: PDF Only
Cost: $12

Map sample

This a dual gridded map set that is usable for any Western or wild west themed games. The maps are system agnostic and conform only to the notion that the grid is 1 space equals 5 feet in distance.

As mentioned the maps are system agnostic and generic to the point that they can be dropped in just about any game (physical or digital). The PDF only format allows for each printing or incorporation into virtual tabletops such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.

The thematic selection of buildings in this collection is great. I can see uses for them even in non-wild west themed games. The one thing you can always count on with Fabled Environments maps is the ability to utilize layers in Adobe. The grid system used in this collection includes a double grid system. There are both hexes and squares on each map and it results in an overly busy, but just jump over to the layer menu and remove the grid you don’t want. Layers (items to be added or removed) include furniture, hex grid, square grid, text, wall-door-windows and background.

Thanks to the use of layers, the tan background which I don’t personally like can be removed. Otherwise, I have no real complaint about the product as a whole.

If you can find a use for these buildings in your specific game(s), you’d be wise to grab this set. The system agnostic nature of items like this make them very utilitarian and valuable beyond the monetary cost. In the case of this set, the monetary cost is rather reasonable. From me to you, a worthy addition to your RPG toolbox!

~ Modoc

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