Ken Whitman Strikes Again, Another Round of Fraud!

Rumor has it that Ken Whitman is up to his old shenanigans again. His Kickstarter projects are continually plagued by back business decision after bad business decision. A two-minute perusal of his Knights of the Dinner Table (KODT) campaign comments will give you shivers as to how far this guy will go to screw over customers or hide his bad practices. The latest issue to surface is one of unfulfilled obligations again related to the KODT campaign. It appears that books that were part of particular reward level that were never delivered to backers have shown up on Noble Knight Games’ website for sale. According to Jolly Blackburn, the IP holder for KODT, Ken Whitman continues to dodge and evade his fraudulent practices by adding and removing websites and social media accounts. Erik Tenkar has also blogged about this situation and has a source that has confirmed that the books are indeed in stock at Noble Knight Games and that they were unaware of the developing situation surrounding these books and other products by Ken Whitman.

You can read the campaign comments here.

Here’s a blog dedicated to documenting the assorted [fraudulent] dealings of Ken Whitman and his company D20 Entertainment.

There are some valuable lessons to learn here. First, do your homework and research those that are creating projects on crowd funding sites like Kickstarter. Second, never back anything by Ken Whitman or D20 Entertainment! D20 Entertainment is Ken’s current company under which he operates and rips off backers. Third, read comments left by current backers of a campaign before you decide to support any campaign. There could be clues there as to potential issues that could arise. Lastly, if you have been defrauded by a Kickstarter campaign, contact your state’s Attorney’s General to report the fraud. There is some precedent here and I know of one successful prosecution.

I am thankful that I do not have a dog in this fight and have never backed any of his campaigns. I do, however, sympathize with friends and associates that did back this and other projects.

~ Modoc

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