American Revolution Tri Pack from GMT Games


Wargame Designer, Mark Miklos just sent me an email to announce that GMT Games will be re-releasing three of his earliest games from the Battles of the American Revolution series games as a 3-pack. This is awesome! I own the three games (Brandywine, Saratoga and Guilford/Eutaw Springs) that are included, but these are not simply reprints. No, they are actually new editions of the games with updated and sturdier components and revised scenarios and tweaked rules. This is one of the few wargame series that I have in my collection and it is by far the one that sees the most table time.

From mark Miklos’ email:

Although this countersheet will be available separately, consider all the other upgrades to the 3 games available in the 3-pack. The new intel rules in Brandywine, for example, open that game wide to new possibilities as each player will experience more of the uncertainties and unknowns faced by the opposing forces. It truly becomes a “new game.” Saratoga finally gets a long overdue historic “Freeman’s Farm” scenario which will likely see action in future tournament play. Brandywine and Guilford/Eutaw get some “tightening” on deployment and victory condition rules. And let’s not overlook the fact that all the maps will now be mounted and all the counters will be thick-cut making for an enhanced play experience.

I think GMT has done a great job arriving at an affordable price point, especially when ordered on P-500. All those new players who joined the series mid-way through its publication and who have been searching without luck for existing copies of Brandywine or Guilford/Eutaw can now complete their collections while you long-in-the-tooth veteran BoAR players can refresh and renew your gaming experience with the upgrades to these old classics.

American Revolution Tri Pack is on pre-order now for only $45!

I am looking forward to trying out the new “Muddying the Water of Brandywine Creek” rule for Brandywine and checking out some of the other tweaks to the scenarios in the other two games.

Games will feature:
•Two double-sided game maps (Sara/Brandy and Guilford/Eutaw)
•Four counter sheets (one for each game and one that includes revised counters and new markers for all battles in the series)
•One series rulebook
•three Exclusive Rulebooks/Scenario Books
•6 player aid cards – 2 identical for Sara, Brandy and Guilford
•1 set of 16 tactics cards

For gamers with existing games in the series, GMT will be offering the counter sheet with the series replacement counters through their P500 site for $5+shipping at future date.

I am glad to see GMT is working hard to get these out of print titles back into the hands of gamers!

~ Modoc

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