RPG.net Love it or Hate it?

Yesterday, I blogged about RPGgeek.com and some of the things I have heard or seen about it over the past year. The feedback that I received on G+ was a real eye opener. It would appear that the interface is what bothers most people over anything else, so far at least.

Today, let’s explore RPG.net. It is similar in nature to what RPGgeek.com attempts to do. They both seek in some way to the internet’s premiere RPG database and “go to” place, but RPG.net has a different approach. Namely in the way the site is laid out. My experiences with the site is rather limited and I only visit from time to time.

Occasionally, I will go to RPG.net if I want to read a review or search the forums for something specific. In the past, I used their forums as a place to buy and sell RPG books and had many great transactions. My overall experiences with rpg.net are lukewarm at best. I personally don’t find the site as inviting and inclusive as RPG Geek and I find the interface to be measurably worse than that of RPG Geek. Maybe I am missing something at RPG.net, but I want to be active and involved member of sites I belong too (a very small number to be honest) and I just don’t see those opportunities here.

I am asking you to comment if you like or dislike RPG.net and to say why. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and no opinion is wrong. I just want to understand why people like or dislike the site.

~ Modoc

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