Kickstarter RPG Watch – Hot or Not!

There are a smattering of Kickstarter campaigns that have my interest as of late. Some I am following because I want to see where these will go and how successful they will be. Some, are inevitably a trainwreck and that is almost as equally fun to follow.

In the “Following to see how successful they will be” are the following campaigns. All have made their funding goals or are very close with sufficient time remaining to meet their goals. They are also campaigns that interest me in some way or another.



Playing Nature’s Year

RuneQuest Classic Edition

Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls (Tarot & Game)

In the “Following to watch the trainwreck” are the following campaigns. Most of them have set lofty funding goals that won’t materialize, but others are just bad product ideas or they miss their mark.

One-shot Wonders

Thread of Tyrus

Dragon Hoard 3D Printed Dice

The Enchirdion Engine RPG

Pandemonium Wrestling RPG

~ Modoc

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