Holiday Break Wrap-up

This holiday break has been very good to me in terms of reading and writing. This is partially evident by the number of the blog posts I have been able to publish. More importantly, I have been able to do lots of reading and to undertake other elements of the hobby I so love. I like to take advantage of these occasional long weekends. Can’t wait for the next one that begins on Christmas eve and ends on January 3rd.

What I have read this weekend:
d10-1 Finished reading DayTrippers Core Rules (for a future review)
d10-2 Began reading Feng Shui 2 (this arrived this weekend)
d10-3 Cthulhu Britannica (re-read investigation #1)
d10-4 Cthulhu 7e (skimmed some rules I was unsure of for next weekend’s game)

I also received my RPG Geek Secret Cthantha gifts and what a very merciful and generous Cthantha Claus. I received the aforementioned Feng Shui 2 and also Spirit of ’77, another amazing looking Powered by the Apocalypse game.

I also played is a few games this weekend too.
d10-1 Reapers (a playtest game) (Wednesday)
d10-2 Murderous Ghosts (Friday)
d10-3 Shadows of Esteren (Saturday)
d10-4 Escape from Tentacle City (Sunday)

I hope your weekend/holiday break was as fruitful as mine was. So tell us all about it!

~ Modoc

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  1. Mine was kinda quiet, but I managed to score some Mutant Epoch books from a friend which I’ll be perusing soon, but mostly I’ve been rewriting next year’s NTRPG Con game since my copy of Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls arrived. LOVE that book!

    Here’s a copy of my review:

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    1. modoc31 says:


      Best of luck with the Mutant Epoch books. Have your glasses or magnifier and a bottle aspirin handy. The text is tiny and layout is horrible. Let me know what you think of it. I couldn’t get past the first few pages.

      Great review! Thanks for sharing.

      ~ Modoc


  2. Yeah, I glanced at the first few pages. Looks like a lawyer wrote it entirely out of fine print.
    My first thought: “Very Palladium.”
    My thought after I read some of it: “Boy this guys sure likes his tables.”

    Oh well, if nothing else I can use it as fodder for Mutant Future…


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