1A Publishing Loses Rights to Tide of Iron

Just announced by ICv2, publisher 1A has lost the rights to publish and market the hybrid boardgame/miniatures wargame Tide of Iron. ICv2 is reporting that Fantasy Flight Games (FFG), recalled the license and took possession immediately of all Tide of Iron inventories. It’s being reported as a mutual decision, but what is unclear is what drove the decision by FFG to recall the license and what the future holds for the product line.

When 1A was granted the license for the product line in late 2013 or early 2013, the company initiated a K that was met with a good measure of success. So, what does the future hold for backers that might still be waiting on products to be finished and delivered?

From 1A’s latest public posts to Kickstarter backers, “As for the future of 1A Games; that remains unclear. The shop has entered into a sort of state of suspended animation as we sort out various details (like this KS) and try and see the path ahead.” Time will tell what the future holds of 1A and their other product line, Cross-Hares: Testing Grounds, that was also Kickstarted.

It seems they gave backers a glimpse of the future in July when they announce to both campaigns that the company was undergoing a reorganization at that time and they would not be at GENCON. Hurdles are nothing new for 1A, in 2014 they had to contend with one of the country’s largest longshoremen strikes that greatly affected their ability to get the Tide of Iron Core Set in from China. Thus, they could not deliver as promised until the strike was resolved.

The company has made some of the last stretch goals available as print-and-play versions that are available for download at their website. The company says they will be issues some refunds to backers, but it’s unclear which baker levels will qualify and for how much of a refund.

If there is any future development on this story, I will release another article. I just hope they are able to get things turned around and satisfy the backers and come back stronger than before.

~ Modoc

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