Virtual Tabletops – Are You Biased?

Whether you are a roleplayer, boardgamer or wargamer there are a variety of online virtual tabletop applications or websites through which you can play games. We all have our preference for one site or application over all the others available to us. For example, my preferred virtual table top for roleplaying games is Roll20 and my preferred software platform for online wargames is Vassal.

Roll20 was the first RPG-centric virtual tabletop I was exposed to so, naturally I gravitate towards it due to my familiarity with it. In wargaming circles, Vassal is more robust and the best supported platform at this current time and my preferred interface. When I look at learning a new application, my impressions and standards are biased by my experiences with both Roll20 and Vassal. These two applications have set the bar high in terms of approachability, ease of use and features I am looking for. I know applications like Fantasy Grounds are prettier than Roll20, but it seems to have a steep learning curve in my opinion.

Here’s a list of the tabletop applications that I am aware of. I know there were several 3D-based applications for RPGs that were Kickstarted, but I am unsure if they ever hit the market as viable products. If you know of another site or application, please let us know as I would like to check out as many as possible.

Roleplaying Tabletops:
Fantasy Grounds
D20 Pro

Wargaming/Boardgaming Tabletops:

It’s okay to be biased when it comes to virtual tabletops, like what you like! Tell us what are your preferred tabletops and why?

~ Modoc

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