In 2016, Asmodee North America Will Change the Face of Boardgame Sales


Today, W. Eric Martin, a reporter for Boardgame Geek published an article that will change the landscape of the Boardgaming hobby. Please take a few minutes to read his article here.

The long and the short is in 2016 Asmodee North America will become the sole North American distributor for Fantasy Flight Games, Asmodee and Days of Wonder games and they are limiting retail distribution to five distributors. While that is not a big deal, they will also be restricting all retail sales to face to face transactions only. Meaning, no internet based sales! This is a game changer and to my knowledge this policy, this is the first of its kind. Even Games Workshop permits online sales, but their restrictions are problematic.

Please, before you weigh in with your thoughts, read the article in its entirety. So, what does this mean for the rest of the hobby? What about other parts of the gaming hobby, like RPG, wargames, etc? Highly restrictive sales practices and price control has led to huge backlashes in the past. Do you think it will happen again here?

~ Modoc

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