2016 Goal Setting – The Year of Change

Welcome to 2016, we made it! The world did not end; which was predicted by some ancient alien theorists. As most people do, we set goals every January and generally fail to live up to the goals we have set. As per my usual course of action, I will set goals for 2016 and hope that by the end of the year I can meet most of the goals. Why a year of change? I am personally taking on more GM duties this coming year and I want to focus more on myself as well. Last year it was all about the blog (don’t worry I am not losing focus!) and a variety of RPG related challenges I took on. This year it’s about me and the blog; making both better!

Personal Goals for 2016:
d10-1 Continue to lose weight – Seems obligatory, but let’s face it some of us gamers are larger than we’d like to be and to ensure we are able to continue playing games, we need to be more healthy and that involves losing weight.
d10-2 Become more tech savvy – For someone who games online and blogs, one might think I possess all the tech skills I need, but that is not the case. I am regularly learning new tricks and trying out new ideas. I hope to continue this trend throughout 2016. I enjoy learning!
d10-3 Initiate the 2016 RPG Geek GM Challenge – This is my baby! Started in 2015 and I will continue the challenge in 2016. Even with my focus on running and playing some very specific games in 2016, I hope I can make the minimum of 5 again in 2016. The challenge can be found here.
d10-4 Successfully get two Campaigns of Horror on the Orient Express underway – I have two groups lined up. One will be online and the other will be local. Both groups should begin sometime in January. I would consider this a success if both groups either finish the campaign (unlikely) or we are still regularly playing by 1 October 2016.
d10-5 Play more wargames – I hope to play some historical wargames this coming year. In addition to RPGs, wargames are my other passion. This past year saw very few played and that really bums me out.

I will likely not participate in the 2016 RPGG Challenge: Play Five RPGs You Have Never Played Before (Each at Least Once) this year or at least minimally participate. The reason for this is I am planning to focus much of my actual gaming time to running two Call of Cthulhu: Horror on the Orient Express campaigns. Additionally, I want to focus on playing more Powered by the Apocalypse games.

Blog Goals for 2016:
d10-1 Publish our 500th post
d10-2 Publish 15 reviews
d10-3 Publish 10 interviews
d10-4 Establish a regular Call of Cthulhu Column
d10-5 Bring onboard additional guest writers (to add new flavor to blog)

I have scaled back some of the goals that are repeats from 2015 to what I believe are more reachable goals. You’ll note I have not included the banter show this year. I as mentioned in my Year in Review post a few days ago, I had mixed feeling about this. I like the premise of it, but it ended up being rather boring and lacked the flair I felt it needed to be something that people would want to watch or listen to. I won’t set it as a goal for 2016, but I plan to investigate some type of recorded or livestream product that will be both entertaining and compelling to watch.

What are your 2016 goals?

~ Modoc

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