How to Support Rolling Boxcars in 2016

Friends of Rolling Boxcars,

We wanted to take a brief minute of your time to remind you that there are several ways you can show your support for Rolling Boxcars.

1. Share, link to us, retweet or reblog our posts! Getting the word is important.If you like what we are doing and what we write about, tell your friends and the world.

2.  We often link to DriveThruRPG in our reviews, opinion pieces or through banners such as the one below. Following any these links and making a purchase within 15 calendar days after following one of these links provides us with a very small amount of affiliate credit. This credit is used to purchase new PDF RPG products that we can review, run or otherwise play and hopefully write about. We may also give some of this credit back to readers in the form of contest prizes in the coming year (hint, hint).


3. You can show your support through PayPal donations.

~ Modoc

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