Burning Wheel Codex – What Exactly am I Backing?

Today, the folks over at Burning Wheel HQ launched a Kickstarter for a new Burning Wheel RPG product. Keeping with my recent article about how I dislike how many companies use Kickstarter, this caused me to pause slightly. The company is definitely not a mainstream company in the sense that WotC or Monte Cook Games might be considered mainstream.

The company is attempting to further expand the product line, which admittedly is rather small in scope and much of it is out of print. With small companies like Burning Wheel HQ I am less likely to be up in arms when expansion products launch on Kickstarter. Remember, it’s some of the big companies and their approach to Kickstarter that I dislike. On to the project itself!

This project excites and scares me all at the same time! Let me qualify that statement. I am excited because the idea of more Burning Wheel RPG excites me. It’s a system I own, but have never gotten around to playing or running and I want to play it badly. I love the premise of Burning Wheel and anything that might add to it appeals to me. It scares me because I have not fully read or comprehended the base rulebook and this Codex serves to expand the base rulebook with new material. Further adding to both my desire to play and learn the rules and fueling my fear of the rules at the same time.


Does this Codex actually fill in the gaps that exist between the rulebook and other books such as Monster Burner, Magic Burner, etc? The aforementioned books are cost prohibitive and not likely to reprinted anytime in immediate future. Is it possibly my lack of understanding of the Burning Wheel rules and how the rules relate (or lack there of) to previously published add-on books cloud my understanding of what this project it? I have read and read the Kickstarter pitch, but in classic Luke Crane prose, it is overly robust with well written cryptic language. So, what exactly would I be getting if I backed this project?

I know that some of you have read and/or played Burning Wheel. What is it you like about the game and does this new Codex appeal to you? If any of you Burning Wheel experienced GMs have a seat in an ongoing game, I would love to give it a try!

Help me understand and truly fall in love with Burning Wheel!

~ Modoc

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