Chaosium, One Step Closer to Delivering 7th Edition

Chaosium announced yesterday that 7th edition books are headed to Hong Kong for shipment to distribution points in Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK. This means the books, long overdue, will finally be making their way to backers and eventually into distribution. Time to give my FLGS the ISBNs so he order them from the distributor as soon as they are available.

The video link will take you to Kickstarter where you can see the real product McCoy and damn they look sexy!

Here are the known SKUs, ISBNs and MSRP.
7th edition keeper rulebook CHA23135 – 1-56882-430-0 list price $54.95
7th edition investigator handbook CHA23136 – 1-56882-431-9  $44.95
7th edition keeper screen pack CHA23137 – 1-56882-410-6 $29.95
S. Peterson’s Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horror CHA23138 – 1-56882-083-5  $34.95
Nameless Horrors CHA23133 – 1568824092 $29.95

~ Modoc

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